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Barclaycards 'hit by fraudsters'
A bill for £10,000 on a credit card would be a concern for most people - but imagine if that spending was not by the cardholder, but by fraudsters in a single day.

New credit card scam hits auctions
AUCTIONEERS are being warned about a gang of fraudsters targeting sales by using illegally obtained credit card information

Trainee accountant was 'inside man' in £470k
bank scam

A TRAINEE accountant used his position as a credit card controller to become the inside man for a £470,000 fraud at HBOS, a court heard.

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Andrew Goodwill

Andrew Goodwill recently set up The Goodwill Group as a means for applying his unique, in-depth understanding of Card Not Present fraud to help protect vulnerable businesses. The background to his knowledge, acquired over several years, positions him unquestionably not just as the authority on CNP crime, but on innovative approaches to card fraud protection for the national good in general.
As the pioneer of pooling fraud information amongst on-line traders with his ‘Early Warning’ service, Andrew saved smaller businesses £millions in reduced chargebacks. His IT skills developed the ultimate user-friendly system for circulating real-time fraud intelligence to great effect. It not only prevented the same scam being repeated amongst ‘Early Warning’ subscribers, it often provided a valuable service for the police by identifying the perpetrators.

At the other end of the commercial spectrum, Andrew has identified novel ways of collecting and using data to reduce significant fraud losses for international financial institutions, the on-line retail sector and internet gaming. Other important developments reflecting his innovative yet practical approach to fraud-related IT - this time for the benefit of the public sector - remain ‘classified’.

Andrew Goodwill served on the board of anti-fraud specialists 3rd Man, where he played his part in product development and as the company’s media spokesman.

By virtue of his many ‘firsts’ and unchallengeable grasp of CNP fraud and on-line/credit card crime generally, Andrew Goodwill has a high media profile. He is consulted and quoted frequently, almost with ‘guru’ status, on TV, radio and in the press. The media coverage here tells its own story.

Andrew is supported within the Goodwill Group by a circle of specialist associates to ensure the consultancy is able to provide high calibre expertise in all situations.

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The Goodwill Group is a trading name for Andrew Goodwill Ltd. A CNP Fraud Consultancy Service.