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Stealing Credit Card Details

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Betfair loses millions of customers' credit card details
Gambling giant Betfair loses millions of customers' credit card details to cyber attack...

New credit card scam hits auctions
AUCTIONEERS are being warned about a gang of fraudsters targeting sales by using illegally obtained credit card information

Trainee accountant was 'inside man' in £470k
bank scam

A TRAINEE accountant used his position as a credit card controller to become the inside man for a £470,000 fraud at HBOS, a court heard.

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As acknowledged leaders in the analysis of all aspects of card-not-present fraud, we recognise at The Goodwill Group that no company can be exempt from the fraudsters’ raids. For organisations relying on CNP transactions, the losses from charge-backs and other costs can be severe.

Current law and conventional security measures have proved no match for the scale and pace of the problem. Yet few companies have the capacity or skills in-house to address this major business risk effectively. Misguided attempts can actually cost money.

The good news is the opportunity to consult The Goodwill Group for specialist, independent CNP fraud help. In so doing, you can be confident of addressing the issue in the most responsible and cost-effective way possible.

By applying our experience to your business, we are able to assess the risks and advise impartially on the most appropriate counter-measures.  For new e-commerce enterprises, we provide CNP fraud help at set-up, as well as advice on data management.

If you’re concerned about CNP fraud, you should talk to us now.  

  • The Goodwill Group has worked for years with businesses, banks and public bodies in countering CNP related fraud.
  • MD Andrew Goodwill is recognised by industry and the media as the UK’s leading card fraud analyst and exponent of counter-threat initiatives .
  • Our consultancy approach is to provide risk assessment and advice in layman’s terms to large or small enterprises, plus tailored assistance where required.

    The Goodwill Group is a trading name for Andrew Goodwill Ltd. A CNP Fraud Consultancy Service.